Advanced Fiber Processing and Manufacturing

Safety Information

Buyer understands that holes must never be cut in machine or fiber duct near a nip point due to the safety hazard to employees and customer assumes full liability for such holes if cut. Buyer is responsible for the safe operation and maintenance of the equipment. Before performing any cleaning or maintenance, the disconnect should be in the OFF position and LOCKED OUT with an approved lock and LOCK OUT/TAG OUT system. Removal of guards or safety devices voids manufacturer's warranty and may result in personal injury. Therefore, once cleaning or maintenance is completed, be sure to replace all guards and safety devices. To avoid a safety hazard, NEVER operate the equipment without guards and transitions are in place and doors locked.

More info at OSHA.

Lockout/tagout PowerPoint

Safety Inspection Checklist


Read and understand these instructions before operating any machinery.

Before doing any work on this machine, turn off the power source and lock out the control panel main power lever. Place a DO NOT START tag on the master control. Also disconnect the air supply (if applicable).

DO NOT operate the equipment without the guards in place, and without access doors closed and locked. Removal of guards or safety devices voids manufacturer's warranty, and may result in serious injury.

DO NOT remove or bypass safety switches. Doing so could result in serious or fatal injuries.

DO NOT leave inexperienced operators unsupervised when they are operating this machinery.

DO NOT cut "clean out" holes in any transitions, duct work, or machinery. This will void the manufacturer's warranty, and may result in injury.